6 Ways to promote a local business on Facebook

Looking for ways to promote your business? <br> Here we are sharing the best ways of 2018 to promote your local business on Facebook.

Do you think Facebook is only for interacting with one another or making new friends? Well, you're wrong! Although, initially, founder Mark Zuckerberg's intention was to create a universal website that can connect people; and, began within the university that he studied. However, due to its popularity, smart entrepreneurs who want to promote their business faster are now using this platform to advertise their businesses. So, why not pitch for business opportunities in India using Facebook?

promote local business on Facebook

Every small business needs promotion, engagement, and recognition. How can a business grow if people do not know about it? Therefore, people can use this platform to showcase their work and products and reach out to all the users. This could be one of the best ideas to promote your business. If you think of the best investment options in India, you can come up with many ideas. And there are many small businesses are growing rapidly with the facebook promotion. Here are a few ways on how to promote a local business on Facebook.

  • Target customers through location

If you only want to target a specific audience, this can be the best thing to do as you can target customers in a particular location, city, state, region or country that you want. For example, your main target audience is people in Noida, you do not need to show your content to the entire people of Uttar Pradesh.

Facebook has certain options that you can choose when targeting like-

  1. Everyone in This Location
  2. People Who Live in This Location
  3. People Recently in This Location
  4. People Traveling in This Location

This allows you to target specific people that you want and this does not limit you to upload locations in bulk.

  • Advertisements on Facebook

You can come up with many creative contents that people may like and find it attractive. Usually, an eye-catching advertisement will make people tend to click on the link mentioned in order to know more about it.

You can use Facebook as the advertisement platform and grow your audience both online and offline.

The use of demographic and geographical/location as you can directly reach to your ideal customer.

  • Promotion and Offers

promote local business on facebook

Giving of offers can really captivate people's attention. If you are running a small or medium online store, you can attract more customers by giving them offers.

Most people scroll down their newsfeed on Facebook to search for something interesting. If they find your advertisement showcasing on sale products, they will definitely click on the link that directs to your site and buy them.

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  • Go Live on Facebook

When you go live on Facebook, a notification will automatically be sent to the users who follow your page.

You can pitch for the opportunity to explain to people regarding your products or service.

if users like your content, with no doubt they will share with their friends and in this way, you are like to reach to more than your target audience.  

  • Create an event

Depending on your budget, you can create and boost an event. This is another great way to promote your local business. Investing a little on Facebook is one of the best investment options in India.

You can create an event related to your business. Interested people will join it. And, the best part is that, once people click on 'interested' or 'join', it will show up on their friends' newsfeed which in return you will get more and more interested audience.

  • Boost your post

By simply boosting your post, you can get more page viewers and likes.

You do not have to worry about the budget, Facebook allows you to boost posts as per the budget that you can.

You can also boost your post depending on how many people you want your post to reach.


So, there you have it! These are the few ways to promote a local business on Facebook. Make the best use of this platform and grow your business faster.


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