Admodes! The driving advertising tool of today’s generation

Best advertising publishing system. Advertisers can create and publish ads using Admodes. Ads published on Admodes will be displayed on Tulitab TV screens.

Are you tired of searching for the right platform to advertise your product? There are a number of advertising platforms no doubt! But getting the right one that suits your budget and your business is difficult. Well, don’t worry! We have come up just with a perfect solution! What we are introducing to you is an advertising tool ‘Admodes’ that is not only advanced but also affordable enough to meet your demands.

Admodes is an advertising publishing system of Tulitab, an entertainment and a promotional platform. The system offers a highly dynamic process of publishing ads that eases the advertiser to create and manage the all round development of the ad for a brand’s or a product’s promotion.


An effective instrument for small brands and manufacturers

Small business and brand promoters can grab the best use of the system. Following are a few features of Admodes that make it a suitable advertising partner for small businesses-

1. Easy to Operate- Many small businesses, especially those who cannot afford to hire professional advertisers can use Admodes system with ease


2. Flexible- With Admodes, an advertiser can create, update and publish ads at any time


3. Ease of targeting customers- When creating an ad, the first important thing that an advertiser should keep in mind is his/her target audience. Admodes system helps advertisers in suggesting the right location for their ads to be displayed.


4. Transparent Analytics- Getting clear analytics helps advertisers to improve their ads and their performance. Admodes provides all reports of the ad and its function


5. Pocket-Friendly advertising tool- Admodes accepts even the smallest amount for advertising.


6. No additional cost- Choose an ad time, pay for the required period. If there is an update, change or make a new ad, no additional amount is required to pay.


7. Zero wastage- There is no wastage of money when advertising via Admodes. Ads published on Admodes reach directly to potential customers and to those places where the displayed products are available


8. Tulitab Screen Support- Whatever ad that is published on Admodes is displayed on the Tulitab TV Screens depending on advertisers’ chosen locations


9. Tulitab Benefits- Tulitab TV screens are installed on highly targeted and crowded locations. Through Tulitab, Admodes advertisers can pitch for a business growth in just a short period of time.

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