The Future of Digital Outdoor Advertising

Digital outdoor advertising it's the best way to grow your business online without a lot of money. Learn more about how & where digital advertising work?

Digital Outdoor Advertising

Through the passing of time, small businesses or big brands have embraced a multi-channel marketing approach. Multi-channel marketing involves interacting with customers through multiple marketing channels or mediums, whether direct and indirect, in order to advertise their products and services via the medium of their choice.

However, the time has changed! There are many platforms that have evolved and offer advertisers several mediums. They include online advertising, advertising through radio, television, print media etc. TV channels displaying advertisements still play a good role but not as significant as the mode of advertising which we are going to discuss in this article i.e., digital outdoor advertising.

Why digital outdoor advertising seems to lead the advertising industry? Well, if you are looking for quality and a more impactful platform to advertise your products and services on a low budget, then there is no doubt to say that it gives a good deal. There are different types of outdoor advertising; e.g., billboard advertising, the point of sale display, transit advertising and wraps, mobile billboard etc.

Report: Digital outdoor ad spend to reach $14.6bn in 2018

Let us discuss a few benefits of digital outdoor advertising -

  1. More impact: Unlike other forms of advertisement platforms like the television which can be turned off, an online and which can be cleared or the newspaper which can be folded, outdoor advertising cannot be avoided. It is an effective advertising tool because of its permanence as the viewing audience has very little control over what they see on the TV screen.

  2. Advertise directly to your customers: The best thing about digital outdoor advertising is that an advertiser can advertise straight to their potential customers. They can choose their own specific location to advertise their ad where they know they can get maximum reach.

  3. Get audience attention: Outdoor advertising can target people in many ways, even those who are not interested in the advertisement. It can person can be standing in a boring queue for billing. If an ad is being played on the screen, he/she may tend to watch it. If the product displayed is interesting enough, the person may likely turn in to customers.

  4. High reach: Outdoor advertising plays a significant role in helping brands reach a broader audience. It can also reach customers that are difficult to reach. E.g. occupied professionals, younger users and lower-income customers who may not have access to other electronic mediums etc.

  5. Long-term benefits: Repeat exposure to branding makes the audience familiar with products that are being displayed and helps to influence long-term consumer choices. It also adds richness to brands as it recalls the audience or customers about the product or service advertisement displayed.

Tulitab, a new impactful digital outdoor advertising platform

Tulitab is an entertainment and promotion platform that is exclusively designed to establish a promotional, marketing, advertisement and branding platform for all kinds of business entities across the nation. It offers a highly relevant and a more dynamic form of advertising to the viewers as compared to other forms of advertisement platforms.

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Advertisements on Tulitab run through Admodes, an advertisement publishing system that eases the advertisers to create, change and publish ads, and, for brand promoters to expand their reach. Also get the tulitab app on google play store.

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