About us

Tulitab is a media and broadcasting company by Admodes Limited, established in 2018. The application runs across 4G, and Wi-Fi networks. Compatible with most of the popular TV and smartphone platforms including Android and iOS, the consumers can access Tulitab irrespective of their bandwidth limitations or operating platform. Set up by a core team of professionals to give users the best of experiences.

The devices will be installed in thousands of screens in different cities across the country. The company will mostly use the in-store network to run the channel. Like, the use of crowded places like supermarkets, malls, chemist stores, schools, colleges, corporate offices etc.

Being a unique innovative promotion and advertisement platform, the app will stream unlimited Live TV channels with movies, TV Shows, and videos. There are a number of filtrations that allow advertisers to use and showcase themselves and their businesses. Advertisers can create their own ads, select their own time slot for the ad, and, choose their own desired location where they want their ads to be displayed. They can also track their own ads; where they are being displayed, how many times and how long. Ads will be displayed in these places where the TV screens are installed and they are likely to reach to a large number of audiences. This will help advertisers to get and reach to more customers.

The company partners with major telecom operators like OEMs including LG, Airtel, and Vodafone.

A one-stop destination for all entertainment needs, Tulitab is committed to providing its users with the best-in-class mobile TV experience through its world-class infrastructure. Tulitab will continue innovating on the content front and will remain the preferred choice for users.

The company overall provides an innovative platform for evolving next-generation technologies. It also has a  long-term business plan to provide, users and providers, a wider selection and more alternatives.

Our flagship cloud TV offering, Tulitab will be fulfilling the entertainments needs of today’s generation by providing Live TV, Movies, TV Shows, and Videos. Our in-house R&D has created applications that support a long tail of TV screens and handsets in the market on a variety of platforms including Android, iOS, and many others. Our VOD library will be generated an overwhelming response and creating a buzz across our users.

With constant innovation, we aim to foresee tomorrow’s demand today and meet it now. We are committed to our belief in FUTURE FORWARD.